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Rocking out a $7,700 Saturday!!

Oct. 20th 2014 a letter from the owners (PICS BELOW):


“A few weeks back Stephanie our catering director got a big order for our JJ’s #2130 in Chandler, AZ.  The order was for ten 30 piece party platters to be delivered to the Mayo Clinic in Chandler for a big event. A few days before the event the clinic called and said that they needed to add 11 more 30 pieces and 42 cookie trays!!!  The $550 order we were pumped for just turned into a $2000 order and for a store that already does $3k plus for lunch on a Saturday we knew we needed to start planning and get some extra help.  Our GM Mitch made sure that he had extra slicing done throughout the week and got extra party trays and cookies for the giant order, we were ready for anything.  Friday morning that anything turned out to be 3 six foot party subs for a pick-up at 10:45am Saturday morning, and with (21) 30 piece platters and (42) cookie trays already due at 11:00 am it now was all hands on deck!  Mitch and I came up with our plan, we would bake the party subs at another JJ’s and bake all the bread for the party platters at their store.  Dallin our 1st assistant came in at 2am on Saturday to get things rolling, Mitch and Gina came in a 6am to help out as I went in at 6am to bake the party subs.  The morning and all the catering went off without a hitch with Brandt and Gina delivering the platters right on time, we even had 4 more 30 pieces on the fly for that morning.  Because of all the planning and hard work from everyone we were able to rock out twenty-five 30 pieces, three six foot party subs, 42 cookie trays and 10 pickle buckets all by 11am!!!  We didn’t stop there though, team 2130 rocked out a $3500 dollar lunch and $1500 night for a grand total of a $7700 Saturday!  Brandt and I are extremely proud of our team and the effort they put forward to making what should have been a crazy morning, smooth and easy.”
Thanks team 2130, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
Jared and Brandt Bacus

Just some of the bread used in just a few short hours!

Owner Jared & employees having fun while making party subs!

General Manager Mitch with Marketing Director Gina and less than half of the catering from that day!

General Manager Mitch with Marketing Director Gina and less than half of the catering from that day!

One of the many party subs! YUM!


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