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Rocking out a $10,000 Friday!!!!

Last month our Power and Southern location store #1725 had a monster day in sales!
We got a phone call a few weeks prior from the Arizona Dental Foundation explaining that they needed catering to feed their volunteers who were offering free dental care to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford it. The event was to be held at a Dentistry College in 1725’s delivery area and there was going to be around 500 volunteers who needed to be fed. Box lunches were the best fit for this type of event and it got everyone involved very excited!
Jim Pearson (AM) and Gina Raucci (DOC) both came in at 8pm the night before the order was to be delivered (Friday Feb. 6th at 12pm) to set up all the box lunches and set everything up for a successful day in the am. The final count was 540 box lunches all set up the night before. Jim & Gina didn’t get out until 1:45 am to make sure everything was just perfect! The General Manager John Czarapata then came in at 2am to start baking all the bread and prep for the big day ahead of him. Thomas Dunnigan (1st asst.) came in at 4am to finish prepping and opening the store. Everyone involved worked together flawlessly to get all the sandwiches made, boxed up and loaded into the trailed ready to be delivered by 11:30 am!
They lady was SO happy with her catering order she came in afterwards to thank our GM (John) for everything and told him she will definitely be ordering again for next years event! She also emailed our DOC (Gina) and said it was the best catering shes ever had and not one person complained about the food which she said has never happened before! We got great feedback from this event!
After the delivery, 1725 rocked out a $8,614 lunch with a $1,703 night for a total day of $10,316!


Check out these awesome pics!!


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