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Hey everyone!

Bacus Foods Corp. currently has 8 locations in the east valley and last December all locations competed in a JJ pickle competition!

The goal was to see which location could increase the most (percentage wise) in pickle sales!
Each location tried their hardest to raise pickle sales and get their register person to ask each customer if they wanted a pickle with their order!
At the end of the competition, 5 out of our 8 stores ended with a huge increase in pickle sales from the previous month! GREAT JOB GUYS!!

With that amazing outcome, store 2552 (Greenfield and McKellips) CRUSHED the competition by TRIPLING their percentage in pickle sales and grabbing the 1st place spot in this competition!

General Manager of 2552 Danny Prather had this to say about winning the pickle competition:
“I have to give the credit to all my crew and management staff. They really took this on themselves to knock this challenge out of the park. They were up selling and showcasing how awesome our pickles really are. From one single pickle to a bucket of pickles they really started to make it a competition among themselves to see who could sell the most that day. Without them and their determination we would not be where we ended up. Cheers to them and all the lucky customers who got to enjoy another aspect of our great company!”
-Danny Prather
General Manager
Store 2552

It’s safe to say that everyone involved had a lot of fun competing with each other in this exciting competition!

Congratulations to Danny and team 2552 for an outstanding accomplishment!!

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Kevin Harvick

On March 2nd 2014 at the Phoenix International Raceway  Kevin Harvick No. 4 won 1st place in the Sprint Cup Series!!! Driving his FREAKY FAST Jimmy John’s Chevrolet SS!!

One of our own Area Managers (Jim Pearson) and one of our own General Managers (Danny Prather) attended the race and got to sit close up in the booth!

Check out these awesome photos from that fun day!

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